start of second week of september 2014 forex newsOnce again we are here to inform you over the latest news, expectations and analysis about Forex market. The last couple of days weren’t that dynamic, but yet, they have made some huge changes among the market. All investors and big Forex players must be aware of them, so concentrate your analytic skills, because our next Forex review over the past few days is about to make some changes in your own plans, too.

China is about to leave behind USA in the biggest world economy contest

Up to now USA has been extremely stable and untouchable, when it comes to overall annual numbers in economy gains and winnings. Though, it seems 2014 is quite catastrophic for Barak Obama`s country since the newest economy leader is about to establish its own leading positions. According to the latest researches and studies, it is very possible for China to step ahead and leave USA behind. IHS values the giant worth of China economy in USD, but not in purchasing capacity index.

World biggest and most popular online payment system PayPal embraces Bitcoin, as well!

Even though, Bitcoin has suffered some serious collapses during the last few weeks, it seems the virtual currency is about to change the world. Indeed, there is no doubt that Bitcoins will become the future leading currency as the leading online payment system – PayPal – has embraced it, itself. Since PayPayl claims to manage the financial transactions of its audience with the most common and used currencies by choosing USD, Yen, Euro and British Pounds, the Bitcoin option will make the currency universal and most wanted, too!

The USD progress goes on and up!

USD price has become the top news in the latest days. The fast and certain glory of the American currency now looks even closer. The investors have pointed the Federal Reserve decision over striking a less dovish tone in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, in USA trading market these days, the GBP/USD has been getting down 1.05% at 1.6153 up from a session low of 1.6103 and off a high of 1.6233.

Poland is about to emit its debt in Switzerland francs

It is about few days and the Polish government will decide whether to make the huge step in emitting its large debt. What has become clear up to now there is a suggestion for a possible bond issue to be denominated in Swiss francs. Up to now several meetings with important Swiss investment have been performed, but the final result about the Polish emitted debt in Switzerland francs is about to be made!
Ok, guys this is up to now and we are hoping you are not going to miss the next Forex news we will be happy to announce you in few days! Stay in touch and stay on the market!