trading news second week september 2015Hello, dearest Forex fans and traders! We have gathered here together again to discuss everything important that have happened in the Forex world. Considering the period of 7th – 13th September 2015 year, we now present you all the latest and hottest news from the market. Focus and concentrate now to read attentively the things you need to know about the upcoming trading week Let`s get started, guys!

Central Bank in China Makes the Requirements for Obligatory Reserves Simpler

It has become clear that financial experts from Chinese Central Bank want the requirements for the obligatory reserves to become more acceptable, understanding and mostly simpler. The main goal is to reduce the risk for the banks in case of sudden straightening of the liquidation. Currently, the strategy of the Chinese experts is up to make the whole procedure more flexible and the amount of the deposits, which banks must detach, will be soon finely regulated on average base in different to the current daily estimations. All the programs for the main changes is scheduled for 15th September and they must help the banks that are currently put under big pressure due to the recent Chinese exchange market collapses.

The Profitableness of Greek Obligations Goes Down To Its Lowest Rate of the Year

Even though the rate of profits of the Greek obligations is so low, there is a kind of optimism in the country and it is fully due to the upcoming elections that are scheduled for 20th of September. This is mostly due to the obligations markets that are supposed to be regulated and settled right after the nation makes its vote. Still, a huge risk of everything that will take place and part till this moment can make many more problems for the country and financial capital control that has been overtaken in Greece might lead to even more complex situations.

Central Bank in Russia Did Not Make Any Changes as To Main Interest Rate

Russian Central Bank has made no changes as to the national main interest rate. Even though many experts predicted such a change, the financial experts from the Bank decided to add no more risks as to the unsecure Russian monetary policy. Of course, the Russian Central Bank has its own opinion as to such a decision and it is mainly the big risk of the inflation, which is now driven by the unstable value of Russian Ruble. On the other side, the Central Bank in Russia also warned that the future decisions as to the national main interest rate will be mostly formed by the economy situation in all regions of the country, as well as of the inflation predictions.

New Optimistic Mood in Japanese Business Sphere

Recently, the biggest Asian economy – in Japan – has had some doubts and worries about the business progress. But business fields in Japans seem to be stabilized, because a new optimistic mood is now shown due to a report that shows the results from the third quarter of 2015 year. Of course, a discussion between the public and private sectors will be soon headed in order to make a new strategy for the inner search and demand plans in the country. On the other side, the big manufactures in Japan are yet quite attentive and cautious, because they feel a small threaten issue in the situation in China and the sooner the Chinese results will be out, the clearer it will become for Japanese large industrial countries how to act in future.

The Central Bank in South Korea Did Not Make Any Changes in The Main Interest Rate, too!

Most of the financial predictions in the country were oriented to the opinion that the Central Bank in South Korea would not make any changes in the main interest rate. This is actually what has happened during the last week discussion among the biggest financial names from the Bank. All were clear that it is not safe to change the main interest rate and it has been preserved in its current value. We remind you that the Central Bank in South Korea has made two changes in the main interest rate since the beginning of the year. Both changes are completely enough to respond to the initial plans the bank had and there is no need for another deduction – at least not soon and not during this year.
Ok, guys, these were all the latest Forex news for the week. We hope we were helpful to you and you will be again here next week with the next hottest news from the financial market. Have a great week! See you soon!