trading news 4th 9th august 2015Hello, dear Forex traders. We really hope your previous week was successful enough to continue making trades on your favorite broker during the upcoming 5 days again. Before adjusting your newest strategy, though, check out, please, all the latest Forex news – 4th – 9th August 2015. They will by all means throw some light over the hottest events on the financial market and world that have taken place recently. Well, let`s get started, guys! Time is money – there is no place for wasting both of them!

The Inflation in Brazil Has Reached 12-Year Growth

The latest financial news from Brazil seems more positive than ever. According to a recent report the inflation in the country has reached a fantastic success or to be more specific an amazing 12-year growth. The report also says that the high prices of the electrical energy are the main factors that forced the strong increase of the consumer prices index. On the other side, the July inflation report shows a sudden rise of about 9.56%, which might be found only in the reports from the previous century and at a regular basis. The Central Bank in Brazil has targeted the inflation of about 4.5% at an annual base and this has given her enough motivation to finally increase the main interest rate – a plan that the Brazilian government has been considering for the past few months. Currently, the increase of the main interest rate has made it 14.25%. Have in mind that with this increase, the Brazilian interest rate becomes one of the highest in comparison to the rest of the leading global economies.

Chinese Export Is Going…To the Bottom

Ok, it might be not exactly a bottom in the manner we use the word in general for all the countries in the world, because China has factors that might be not reached as numbers by most of the strongest world economies, but the export from the country during July has been anything else, but not massive – something that we are not used to see. The sudden deduction is similar the one 4 months ago, but this time Chinese government is more concerned, because of the quick repeat of these bad events for the national economy, which as you know quite well lives on the export numbers. Some of top rated forex brokers report of increased interest from Chinese investors The sudden deduction is with about 8.3% and according to a recent report the import is also lower than the expectations have thought it would be. China has registered an excess of about 43.03 billions of USD, though, but the expectations again showed different number – about 53.25 billions of USD.

Employment Rate in USA Has Pushed The USD Rise

If you wonder, why exactly USD has suddenly began rising once again as it was doing few months ago, the answer is in the good employment rate report results. According to a study, the growth deduction of the unemployed citizens in the country will continue during the next months, but probably it will not be so huge and sudden as the one from July. Currently, EUR/USD is 1.0864. As to the employment rate, experts believe that the main reason for its improvement and stabilization is a recent replenishment of all the free vacant job positions in manufacturing. Energy sphere, though, will continue with its massive dismissals that are the main reason for a slow delay in employment rate improvement during the next few months up until late autumn.

Russia Ruble is The Worst Currency During The Last Few Months

According to a research Russian Ruble is the currency that shows the worst results during the last 3 months. Moreover – the expectations say that the bad situation the Russian national currency is falling into will continue. Soon, Russian Ruble might be determined as one of the least competing factor in monetary sphere and there is no way for the Russian Central Bank to stop this trend. As an example, have in mind that USD/RUB continues to be 64.200 in its best days and the new petrol prices from Russia might not be even able to change this crisis. Russian Ruble, by the way, also, gets cheaper in eight of the last nine trading sessions, which is a drop puts the currency next to currencies investors do not even pay attention at…

Business Climate in Eurozone Has Worsen

The business situation in Eurozone has some really weird numbers, because for the last few months it changes its directions all the time. Currently, the experts say that it has worsen once again for the last few weeks, but this is not a serious problem since its sudden moves up and down all the time. The main reason for this trend is probably hidden somewhere among these countries – Estonia, Slovenia and Slovakia – because recently they do not show any good results.
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