first week september 2015 forex newsDear traders, another month has ended and we are ready to enter September with even bigger ambition to be your personal gurus in updating you as to what has been lately going on financial market. Today, as the tradition says, we have prepared for you a whole pack of all the latest Forex news – 31st August – 6th September 2015 year. Check out what has moved the market and adjust your current trading strategy to the newest events and trades. Well, let`s get started…

Financial Markets are Waiting to See the Next USA Employment Report Results

Probably, any investor and big economy expert is now waiting to see the results from the final employment rate report for USA. It is not a secret to anybody that Japan is looking forward since it has just hit another 7-year bottom and Nikkei was even put on sale. In addition to this, the losses from the sudden increase of the JPN have made Japanese economy totally depending from USA market, economy and employment situation. The delay in the economy continues in China, too, where the losses from the financial market collapse can be yet felt. But no matter how much everyone is waiting for the USA report, it turned out that up to now the country is probably one of the strongest economies that still hold on…Maybe, this opinion will be soon changed, after this report will be out! But the report itself says something worrying about USA economy – the new vacant free job positions in August were less than the expectations had predicted them to be.

Swiss Consuming Prices with The Biggest Drop For the Last 56 Years

The strong and super stable Swiss Frank has probably influenced the low prices in the country at a full value. There is no doubt that about it, because it turned out that the Swiss consuming prices has hit the biggest drop for the last 56 years. But the deduction of the petrol price is another reason for all Swiss citizens to enjoy the low prices in the stores, too. According to the latest report the deduction of the price in consuming sector is about 1.5% in comparison to the last year same report. In addition to this, the prices are with 0.2% less than those from the previous month. We remind you that Switzerland has avoided the recession in the second quarter of the year due to the increase of the consuming expenses.

Manufacturing Orders in Germany With a Sudden Drop in July

Things in German industry are shaking all the time. And if at one day they seem promising, the next day a new report says the opposite. Something like this happened during the last week, when the German government has received the final report for the manufacturing orders in July. They hit unexpected drop and their index is reduced with about 1.4 %. The expectations, though, were always more of a drop, but they showed a drop of about 0.6% and these data are by all means not the best news German economy can get.

No Changes for The Main Interest Rate in Sweden

Sweden has decided to make no corrections as to the main interest rate. The Central Bank in the country is totally aware that this might not be liked by some investors, but according to the latest financial reports n increase is no longer needed for the main interest rate in Sweden. This is due to the fact that the recent monetary and financial stimuli have helped the biggest Scandinavian economy to get out of its deflation period, which to be honest with you scared the whole financial world and mostly the investors. But since these stimuli are ok, Sweden is confident that the national economy does not need any additional destabilization processes.

The Main Financial Question: Will USD Go Back to Big Profits?

The whole financial world – and not only the professional investors – are probably asking one single questions: Will USD go back to its primary conditions and situations? Of course, speaking of the increase of USD price is not a subject somebody can be 100% confident about and it is all about the suggestions and guesses. Most of economy specialists believe that even though not that many, the new job positions will be the main stimulation for USD to become more stable. As to its growth, after the collapse of Chinese exchange market, the only factor remains Eurozone economy now.
Ok, guys, these were all the latest Forex news up to now. Do not miss the next portion of them next week! See you soon and have a nice trading week!