usd-eur forex news first week august 2015Hello, dear Forex traders! It`s been a while since we talked the last time, but we are back now to bring you the necessary bunch of all the latest news from the market. Please, feel free to read them and to get the hottest Forex updates. They will be quite useful to you to make the trading week even more profitable than the previous one. Focus and see the latest news now!

The Delay of German inflation Is Bigger than Expected

According to the expectations back from June Germany has expected some delay in its inflation rate. However, the July inflation report that the government has recently released shows some really disturbing facts. According to this report the July inflation delay in Germany is bigger than expected. Experts in the field believe that the main reasons for this sudden large delay is due to the sharp reduce of the energy providers prices – with about 6.2%. On the other side, the consumer good prices in Germany have been also increased with about 0.2% in July, while in June this increase was about 0.3%.

Russian Central Bank Has Reduced the Main Interest Rate

It has been expected for Russia to reduce the value of its main interest rate. And this is what happened as a matter of fact. Russian Central Bank has finally stepped on a decision to minimize the interest rate up t 11%. It is curious to know that this is the fifth deduction of the Russian main interest rate during this country and many experts believe that there will be many more. The deduction this time is with about 0.5 points and currently RUB/USD is 60.5. The next meeting of all main financial specialists from Russian Central Bank for another deduction of the main interest rate will be on 11th September and it is quite possible for us to see similar result.

Central Bank in Switzerland With Huge Losses For The First Half of The Year

There is nothing clearer than the fact that the beginning of 2015 years was not the calmest in history of the Central Bank in Switzerland. Here is very simple evidence – the losses for the first half of the year for the financial institution are quite huge. The loss is about 50 billions of Swiss Francs. Till the end of June 42% of the actives that the bank has are denominated in EUR. It seems that the end of the close connection between the national Swiss currency and EUR was not the smartest decision that Central Bank in Switzerland has ever made. But who knows, we have recently seen a sudden and strange reaction from Switzerland, so, maybe, they have a plan again!

Inflation in Japan With a Minimal Acceleration

The inflation in Japan seems t increase, but the tempo is definitely not the fastest one. According to the financial specialists in the strongest economy in Asia the inflation rate will continue to accelerate with a minimal speed during the next months, too. Meanwhile, the expenses of the households reached some surprising drop of about 2% and the report covers only the first half of the year, which means that the facts from July inflation report can be also surprising. Japanese national currency also began losing its positions and it is more than obvious that the Central Bank in Japan must do something about it or the government to get some more efficient inflation stimuli.

Domestic Gross Product Report Stops The Increase of USD

USD has just started growing and many investors have probably believed in sooner parity with EUR, but another handicap has stopped this increase. The latest economy report – for Domestic Gross Product in USA – has made the sudden rise of USD nothing, but a false alarm. The report is by all means not so positive and it does not just stop the rise of USD, but also creates some worries among people and specialists as to the rise of the American economy. Currently, EUR/USD is 1.08170, while GBP/USD is 1.55556. On the other side, USD/LLPY is 121.684. It is also not a secret to anybody that the number of unemployed people in USA that want some social help has been also increased. The government is worried that the recent success of the national economy was only a myth many theorists made us all believe in, but actually the real facts show something else.
Ok, guys, these were most of the interesting latest Forex news. We will expect you here once again next week to give you some more updates about the market. See you soon and have a nice and profitable trading week!