forex news last week may 2015We really hope the last week was successful for you and you made some good profits to invest in the upcoming trading days. To do so, though, you will need to update yourself with the latest market movements. Here it is our pack of the latest and hottest Forex news at one place (25th to 31st of May 2015). Let`s get started!

Wholesale Trade In Germany Has Increased With Up To 1.7% During April

A latest report coming straight from Germany shows that the wholesale trade in the country has increased. To be more specific the growth is about 1.7%. The report covers April and at monthly basis it is more than the expectations with a growth of about 1%. The data show that in comparison to last year the turnover of trade in German wholesale trade during the first four month in 2015 year have increased with about 3.1%. The nominal growth is about 2.6%. The index of the sales – known also as index of real wholesale sells – is the main dimension of consumer`s expenses and it calculates the change of the overall amount of the corrected with the inflation sales in wholesale trade. This index shows that the main growth for Germany comes from fuel and automobile sells. Now is the time to check out our top rated forex brokers and start ruling the markets.

Brazilian Economy Sings A Drop

A last report in Brazilian economy sector shows that the economy in the country has signed a drop of about 0.2% during the first quarter of 2015 year. The bad start of the year for Dilma Russeff came at the background of the social pressure due to the deduction of the expenses and the increase of the taxes. However, the preliminary prognosis shows that the expected drop was higher – at about 0.3%. Still, the economy in Brazil is not in a good state at all. Although the president of the country is a little bit relieved that expectations – the negative ones – have not been realized, Brazil has definitely some serious problems. The Domestic Gross Product has shrunk with up to 1.6% during the first quarter of the year in comparison to the same period in 2014. The way that things for Brazilian economy go up to now will definitely bring more serious problems in the upcoming months and specialists are quite concerned that there is no chance for them to be improved soon.

Americans Are Quite Concerned About The Economy

The economy news are not good for America, either. The Americans are even concerned and show their worries directly in a conflict with the government. Many independent organizations in the field are making signals and suggestions for urgent measures. The last report as to the Domestic Gross Product in USA shows that it has dropped with up to 0.7% during the first quarter of the year. Moreover – during April the index of the consumer trust has shrunk to up to 95.9 points and this is a huge problem in comparison to the previously monthly index that was about 98.1 points. The prognosis shows that during the growth of salaries, many households continue buying too much money – especially for large and expensive properties. Such an approach is definitely not beneficial for the current economy situation in the States.

China Removes The Restrictions for Foreign Investments

Another step into more liberal economy organization has been made in China. It turned out that Chinese government has decided to remove the currently established restrictions for foreign investments. Of course, up to now this is only a plan that, though, is a part of a more serious strategy for the improvement and the simplifying of the converting ability that the national currency recently shows. According to these plans during the first phase of this strategy releasing the investments will be possible only in few countries, but the program will expand constantly. According to the government in China such a move will let it reduce the risks for the economy at the background of the continuing key reforms in the country. The softening of the capital control is necessary for the internationalization of the Chinese national currency. This is not an opinion that only financial specialists in China share, but also a thing that more and more Chinese people and regions want to see as an economy improvement soon. Though, the elimination of these restrictions as to the investments in a foreign country hides some serious risks, tool. Such a move can lead to a big pressure on the Chinese national currency.
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