forex news 24th september 2014Hello, Forex lovers and businessmen! We are back and we are offering you a quick and simple review of the latest Forex news. Check out what has happened on the foreign currency exchange market during the past few days. The overall news report for the 22nd to 24th September period is about to begin. Let`s get focused and adjust the Forex trading strategy for the end of the week according to the latest changes and news!

The AUD/USD becomes higher!

The Australian dollar has reached higher numbers against the USD. This has happened after the positive Australian data was reported. Meanwhile, this is the best pulling away for the past few months and to be more specific the Australian dollar had such a hit 7 months ago. The AUD/USD is now 0.8878, but an additional check of the Australian manufacturing level might change everything soon.

The USD becomes lower than the Japanese Yen, too!

After such a record in its growth and domination over all of the foreign currencies, the USD goes back to its well-known lowering. The American national currency has slipped lower towards the Japanese Yen. Most analyzers point the Abe market as a main reason, but another group of specialists claim that the weakness is an ordinary anticipation after the Fed did not do anything about the interest rate changes. You can join 2 of our forex broker partners – Avatrade Forex broker and Netotrade – and trade with the best.

The PMI data makes the Euro go up again!

If someone has thought that Euro is going to fall down and become lower for longer, he is definitely not right. The Euro has hit one more remarkable rise to session highs. The main reason about this is, of course, the PMI data. The Tuesday report over the rise of the EU private sector zone has made it happen – Euro seems to come back to face USD recent growth.

American Industry has supported its growth level during September

The industry sector in USA has continued growing up during the September. Even though some of the critic expectations were pointed the industry to fail in its successful expanding, it has not only survived, but also ready for even bigger growth. The growing level for August and September are similar, but it has been the fastest for the past four years too. American industry specialists expect the annual Gross Domestic Product to become with 3% higher than the previous year, as well.

Gold and Silver started the Forex week with stability establishment!

After the recent collapse that has made Gold cheaper and not so promising on the Forex market, it has begun the week with a sudden rise. This has helped the Gold to return its stable position. Meanwhile, Silver is moving on the same level, too by reaching the 17.30 USD price per ounce.
That was all for today, guys! We are looking forward to meeting and informing you again soon!