forex news 20th 26th july 2015Hello, dear Forex traders! We are happy to hear if your previous trading week brought you enough profits to get motivated to have even greater next days. And if you could not succeed the results you had planned in advance, then, you might like our weekly portion of all the latest and hottest Forex news – 20th – 26th July 2015 – to update your strategy and to have the most amazing trading experience ever. If you are ready, focus, concentrate and let`s get started, dear traders!

Gold Price Might Drop To $ 1000!

There is a big chance for the gold price to reach the shocking and recording amount of $ 1000. Such a move, though, will make the rate too close to the moment, when more buyers will get active to buy. According to the investors, the amount of gold is quite unsure and such a change is more than just possible. Meanwhile, the deduction of gold price has been scaring the investors for the whole week and in Friday; it showed numbers that indicate some really huge issues. The rumors about the increase of the main interest rate in USA are one of the many reasons gold is heading its recording bottom price…!

AUD Has Hit 6-Year Bottom

The situation is not very optimistic and promising for AUD, as well. The Australian national currency has reached 6-year bottom and according to the local investors the dollar here will continue becoming cheaper and cheaper. According to the financial experts in Australia this was an expected deduction and mainly, it is due to the facts for the industrial manufacturing and production in one of the biggest economy forces today, aka China. Some australian forex brokers are expecting further drop in the currency. Have in mind that in Australia, the dollar price deduction is not the only interesting financial event. The price of all the main consumer goods has been reduced, too. As to the Chinese influence on AUD it is entirely linked to the economy delay in the Asian country, which leads to lower search and demand of raw materials.

The Manufacturing Field in European Union Has Slowed Down With Its Growth in July

In May, things with European manufacturing were ok, because the economy experts in EU saw a potential to grow more and more. However, the expectations are not equal to today`s reality. It seems that the production sphere in European Union has slowed down with its recent growth and a little bit of delay is already signed in July reports. The PMI index in production nice has reached 52.2 points in comparison to the fine June numbers of about 52.5 points. These are not even all the scary facts about European prosperity. The services sector might be slowly growing, but the financial experts believe that the recent increase must be higher and faster, if EU wants to see really good and important results that will put an end to the inner crisis of delays.

Wholesales In Great Britain Signed Disappointing Numbers in June

In May Great Britain registered some really good numbers for its wholesale sphere. But the sphere is no longer the best point from the overall June economy report made by the experts in England. Even though the expectations were more than promising, the reports for June wholesale numbers are not that ok. The slow delay, though, up to now, does not show some really visible reactions and influence on the overall economy stage. However, the lower demand in the following categories: food, furniture, sports equipment and jewelries made an impression that has its own reflection into the June wholesale report. The delay in wholesale is about 4% at an annual base.

Spanish Unemployment Rate with 4-Year Bottom

Unemployment rate in Spain was something that most of European experts predicted not to recover for a long time. But the June report numbers say something completely different. It turned out that the Spanish unemployment rate has hit 4-year bottom. To be more specific – during second quarter of the year, unemployment rate was reduced up to 22.4% and we remind you that in the first quarter the exact rate was about 23.8%. This has happened after the fourth large economy force in European Union has managed to add about 411 thousands of free job positions more in comparison to the previous quarter – the beginning of 2015 year. Maybe, Spain has finally recovered from the low employment situation and it will come to the leading positions again!
Ok, guys, up to now these were all the interesting Forex news. See the next portion of the hottest Forex facts and reports again next week. We will be here again! And up to then – have an awesome and really profitable trading week! See you soon, traders!