forex news 18th 24th may 2015Hello, dear Forex investors! We are happy to tell you that one trading week is over and another is about to come to give you many new opportunities to get some extra cash. To make your profits bigger, we offer you our weekly pack of latest Forex news. Check out the recent market movements and changes now! The news are from 18th – 24th 2015.

The Inflation In USA With a Slight Delay

A latest report as to the inflation in USA has shown a slight delay. The American inflation signs a slow drop in its inflation tempo with about 0.1% on a monthly base. The report covers the last month – April – and it reflects the annual deflation with about 0.2%. This is the highest rate of deflation in USA for the last 5 years. Experts believe that these data is mostly influenced by the lower fuel prices, as well as by the increasing rate of expenses for living needs and healthcare. On the other side, the report and its analyze show that Fed Reserve will probably already have the reason to finally increase the main interest rate in the country. Even though this was supposed to happen several time during the last year, some experts believe that eventually the rise of main interest rate will come a bit late during this year.

German Business Adjustments Have Worsened in May

The business adjustments in German have suddenly and slightly worsened during the first weeks in May this year. The business condition index Ifo has been reduced to up to 108.5 points towards 108.6 that was signed in April. The experts predict that the final drop for the business adjustment in Germany for May will reach 108.3 points. Meanwhile, the economy experts are about to change their preliminary predictions for the rise of business and economy in Germany. Few weeks ago they believed that Germany is about to finally stabilize its leading positions. However, currently they are sure that the slow growth of the last few weeks will eventually make a delay for some huger business growth in the country. Still, there is no doubt that Germany`s economy is stabilizing, but the tempo is yet not satisfying at all.

American Dollar Continues Losing Its Positions

USD was expected to become equal as EUR till the end of the year, but many investors began losing patience as to the parity process. Another news has made the growth of the American national currency to delay. This time the expectations of the representatives from the main leading central banks – in Japan, Great Britain and Europe – have put some more pressure on USD. EUR/USD is now 1.11542. On the other side, GBP/USD is 1.55513. USD/JPY, meanwhile has reached a rate of 111.37. We are dying to see the next move that American Central Bank will make, as well as the future eventual growth of USD.

International Monetary Fund Predicts Recovery in 2016 for Russia

International Monetary Fund predicts very soon recovery for Russian economy. The global organization believes that Russia will succeed to get out of its present collapse in the next 2016 year. Moreover – the Fund expects a growth of about 1.5% on an annual base due to the dependence between the national economy and the main petrol price. However, meanwhile, International Monetary Fund also believes that Russian economy is expecting a shrink of about 3.4% this year and Ukraine crisis is shown as the main reason for such a delay. Spanish experts from the Fund, who have made the final report for the Russian economy stabilization report are sure that the sudden growth of Russian Rouble will eventually help the country to be brought back in its leading positions.

Venezuelan Bolivar Has Fallen into A Historic Bottom

The Venezuelan Bolivar suffers from a sudden and quite disturbing drop. VEF has recently fallen into a historical bottom. The national currency in Venezuela is now trying to stabilize, but it seems that this work will be a bit hard. Currently, 1 USD is sold for about 400 VEF, which is more than worrying. Meanwhile, this news has increased the pressure that has recently hit the petrol sphere in the country. The Venezuelan government is yet continuing making efforts into delaying the inflation. Still, the government claims that no changes in petrol prices will be changed – including in the upcoming 2016 year.

Japan Has Not Changed Its Monetary Policy

In accordance to main expectations Japan has not changed its current monetary policy. The National Central Bank in Japan believes that the inflation will eventually reach the planned rate of about 2% in the upcoming 2016 fiscal year. The third biggest world economy has expanded with about 0.6% during the first quarter of 2015 year and this is completely enough for the Japanese National Bank not to make any drastic changes in the country`s main monetary strategy.
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