online trading world newsHello, dear fans of online forex trading world! We are back here with the latest Forex news, because we would like you to make your trades as successful as possible. Check out what has happened on the market during the period between 16th and 19th of October. Get prepared for the upcoming week for some even more huge outcomes for your wallet by reading our reviews and news! Let`s get started!

Limited losses for EUR before the expected measures and stimuli by ECB

Now, when the entire EU is expecting to see what the ECB move towards the recent shake of the EUR will be, some new report has come out. According to it, the EUR losses aren’t that giant as most of us expect. However, the ECB goes on receiving new signals for the upcoming stimuli and it seems that they will be life-saving or at least EUR-life-saving. The experts believe that EU economy in the region will get a solid delay according to the national economy indexes with about 1.73%.

Russian spends 13 billion USD to stop the Russian Rouble collapse

After the huge rush for buying American USD in Russia, the national government measures have been put into actions. Hopefully, they will stabilize the sudden collapse of the Russian Rouble. What saved it was the giant investment the Russian government and Russian Central Bank have done. This investment is about 13 billion USD and it was given for less than a half month. Up to know the USD costs about 41,04 Russian Roubles.

USA reached its lowest budget deficit

USA has entering a strong budget collapse. This has become clear, when the final report for the budget deficit has come out with real figures. The budget deficit in America hasn’t been that low since 2007 year. The fastest economy growth, as well as the lowering unemployment, is the main factors for the low tax receipts during the 2014 fiscal year. The dearth in the USA budget reduces to about 20% up to 483,4 billion USD.

The British unemployment reaches its 6-year bottom

The British unemployment rate reaches about 6%. These have been the most frightening numbers from 6 years till now. Even though, the British salaries go on being reduced at real aspect. The number of the unemployed people in Great Britain is about 1,97 millions of people and this is the first time, when it is under 2 millions of people. The last time such a success with the British fight against unemployment was in 2008 year.
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