market news 15th 22nd june 2015Hello, friends of Forex trading and financial markets! We are here to give you some helpful information that will make your upcoming weekly trading more successful and profitable. Here are the latest and hottest Forex news you need to consider – from 15th to 21st June 2015. Get ready and adjust the following information to your trading strategy for the next week!

The Production Prices in Germany With a Drop

According to a latest report that covers the production prices in Germany, there is a slight drop for them. The drop is of about 1.3% and it is for May. Though, this is a drop at an annual rate since the monthly rate remains the same due to a recent increase with about 0.1% in April. According to the expectations, though, that have been made few weeks in advance the drop was expected. Still, the prognosis pointed out a drop of 1.3% only.

The Excess of The Current Account in Eurozone With An Increase

It seems that Eurozone and the industry here is getting improved and steady. A current report shows that the excess of the current balance in Eurozone has an increase and it is even higher than the one from the previous month, March. The excess for April is about 22.3 billions of USD. Of course, the increase is determined as huge due to the fact that it made the recent Germany drop with no influence on the final balance. All of these facts show that the region is net creditor for the rest of the world, while the negative balance points out Eurozone is a net credit receiver for the rest of the countries all around the globe.

USD is Heading Its Third Week in Negative Balance

The investors are in a waiting situation as to USD future. Everyone expects parity with EUR, but the recent negative rates for the American national currency makes it harsh to determine the right moment for the USD growth. The next week would be the third one during which USD is going to a negative rate. Still, there is optimism in the independent reports made by different investors. They predict that soon USD will eventually rise. Currently, EUR/USD is 1.13412. On the other side, GBP/USD is 1.55556. Last, but not least, USD/JPY is 121.684.

Just Like It Was Expected Japan Holds On Its Current Monetary Policy

Japan refused to make any kinds of changes for its monetary policy. Of course, this was expected since the country is heading a new strategy now and it is for remaining in the current situation. The Central Bank in Japan has preserved the main interest rates close to zero and continued expending the monetary basis with about 80 trillion of Japanese Yens on an annual base. At the expense of all of these, though, it is well seen that the Japanese economy growth is faster and stronger than ever before during the last few years. According to the latest economy report made by the government, Japan has finally made a breakthrough in the fast growth since only for a quarter it succeeded to increase with about 1%. Meanwhile, the Domestic Gross Product for Japan during the first quarter is also ok – with a rise of about 0.3% at an annual base.

The Weekly Amount of Demands for Unemployment Subsidy Has Been Reduced in USA

The previous week registered less unemployment subsidy demands in USA. The report shows that the drop of the usual number reached the recording number for the last few months of about 267 thousands. The previous week the officially registered number was about 279 thousands. This is the 15th week during which USA signs such a success as to the struggle against the huge unemployment rate in the country. It is clear now that USA is taking control over the situation and probably soon it will be with less issues in this sphere. We remind you that unemployment rate determines the doubts of the Central Bank in USA as to the main interest rate deduction or increase. Soon, everything will become clear, probably…

Wholesales In Great Britain With a Delay in May

The situation in UK, though, is not so optimistic. On the contrary, according to a latest report the wholesales in Great Britain register a drop. The delay is for May and it turns out that UK suffers from such a drop due to the sudden deduction of the temperatures in the country. Meanwhile, the economy in UK has a delay from the first quarter of the year and it is highly possible for it to get negative during the next few months, as well. Maybe the top UK forex brokers will benefit from this?
Ok, guys, these were all the latest Forex news up to now! See you here quite soon again!