forex trading news 13th 20th July 2015Hello, dear Forex traders! We are here again to give you a hand and help you at least a little bit with some interesting and important information before you build up your new trading strategy for the upcoming week. So better concentrate and focus for few minute and read our short review of the latest Forex news – 13th to 16th July 2015. Let`s get started, Forex traders!

Annual Inflation in USA with Good News For The First Time During This Year

Finally, American government can be tranquil as to the national inflation. One of the latest economy reports say that the annual inflation show really optimistic number for the first time during this year. The consumer prices in June report an increase in comparison to the previous month. Thus, the common rate of the annual inflation registers success. CPI, which represents what Americans pay for goods – from clothes to electronic devices – has increased with up to 0.3% during the last few 30 days. Moreover – the CPI that does not include any profits from food and energy expenses is also increased with about 0.2%.

EUR Continues To Get Lower and Lower

The lower value of EUR is not an accident, but on the contrary – according to the experts in the field the currency will continue getting cheaper and cheaper. Of course, this refers mostly to the complex relationships in the European Union, which was highly affected by Greek drama and put everything in a total chaos. Meanwhile, EUR/GBP shows very negative rates for EUR and according to these numbers the unified currency hits 7.5 bottom. Currently, EUR/USD is 1.08880. EUR/GBP, on the other side, reached the value of 0.70579. And USD/CAD reached the rate of 1.8880, too. The rally between CAD and USD continues and it represents the faster USD growth, which might soon end up with the parity that all investors expect this year. Some UK forex brokers together some major Canadian forex brokers have speculated that that the parity may come sooner than expected.

English Central Bank With Some Consideration As to The Interest Rate

English Central Bank still has some doubts whether to increase the main interest rate. The decision will be definitely formed with the recently recording low amount of 0.5% in mind. However, British financial experts believe that the increase of the interest rate will not come earlier than New Year. After a speech that the governor made as to the interest rate, by the way, GBP suddenly showed some recording increase, but soon after that the average amount was recovered. The speech was clear and the British governor promised that the main interest rate will be increased only in case the salaries will continue growing.

Central Bank In Sweden Will Continue With Stimulation

What is an agenda task and consideration for Central Bank in Sweden is the pack of stimulations that the government promised and suggested as a recovery from the recent mini crisis in the country. The Central Bank has been thinking over a way of combo stimuli that will mix the effect of some changes in the main interest rates with those of some purchases of obligations and potential monetary interventions. All of these have the main aim to increase the inflation, which is a process that has been recently put on hold and most of the financial experts in Sweden are quite worried about the situation. But Central Bank has one very serious doubt about the future stimulating program and it concerns the risk of Swedish Crone value. If stimulations are put into force and they make some progress for the national inflation, there is big chance for the investors to stop looking for the national Crone.

Asian Growth Bank Has Changed Its Prognosis As To China`s Progress

At first, Asian Growth Bank was sure that China is heading some really huge progress, but with time the financial institution has started to change its opinion with each next day. The Bank is in doubts as to whether China will really reach the success that the preliminary expectations bet on. Moreover – Asian Growth Bank considers the chance for China to delay its growth in economy field, which delay in 2016 year will probably reach 6.8%. According to the financial institution China will show growth of about 6.1% at an annual base during the last months in 2015. It is not a secret to anybody that the main hopes for Asian Growth Bank have moved to another Asian promising country that has recently started to show good economy results and reports – Indonesia.
Ok, guys, these were all the latest news up to now from us. Do not miss to read the hottest Forex news next week, too. We will be here at the same time and with the same aim to give you some information for your trading strategy and don’t forget to check daily the latest forex bonus deals! See you soon!