news 14th september 2014It has been few days since we haven’t discussed the latest Forex news. Now, when there are so many collapses and surprises on the Forex trading market, we proceed with the latest dropping and rising analyses of the world`s leading currencies. All Forex brokers, get yourself focuses on the next few news we have gathered for you as the most significant factors you need to consider before your next trading step!

Russian Ruble breaks records in its own dropping!

The Ruble drop has made a huge hysteria among some of the advanced Forex brokers. The reduction of the Russian Ruble`s price is, of course, due to the Brent crude price fell under $100 per barrel. Meanwhile, the European Union has been considering even harsher sanctions on Russia. The interference in Ukraine will be definitely going further, so the expectations show even more catastrophic collapse of the Russian national currency.

USD is about to record its best performance for the last 17 years!

Indeed, the American national currency will also make the leading forex brokers to change their strategy. USD is heading its ninth profitable week. This Forex trading fact, though, is a certain proof that the USA economy situation differs from all the main American commercial partners from the latest 6 years of crisis. As a matter of fact, the larger investment banks in USA have been claiming that USD is about to rise again since the beginning of the year. This week 2% rise of USD is definitely the beginning, which makes Forex brokers to believe that interest rate will increase in 2015 due to the Federal Reserve optimistic prognosis.

British Pound is expecting a crisis!

British Pound has been dropping constantly for the last few days. The Scottish problem is the most leading factor in this process, while Forex brokers may expect even larger collapse of the British national currency. The national referendum day, which is appointed for 18th of September this year, will make the British Pound cheaper and at about to a price of 1,55 USD per 1 Pound.

Silver makes a new low this year!

While Gold is striving for a survival on the market, Silver makes its new low for the 2014 year. It has dropped at 18.46 so far, but Forex trading analysis put an accent on the continuation of this dropping.

Philippines Peso with a drop, too!

The Philippines Peso has recorder drops on surging demand for USD, too. Peso has reached its lowest level within one month only. This collapse is probably due to the latest expectations of the rise for the American interest rate.
Ok, that was all for this week! Get some more Forex trading news soon! Be here and inform yourself with the latest happenings on the market!