swiss forex brokersThe first thing you need to do, when you make a decision to join the Forex trading market, is to learn the basic rules, terms and conditions, as well as specifications about this activity. Naturally, in the beginning everything might seem to you a little bit complex and too harsh to remember and put into practice. Though, remember that with the experience, the success will come. However, except for the big outcomes and great profits, the rich experience in trading will get you something else, too – the desire to try something new. And today we offer you an alternative for such a change in your trading experience – the Swiss brokers. Many of you have probably seen some of them and already checked them out. But on the other side, there are lots of traders – beginners and even high punters with envious skills – who still feel the Swiss Forex brokers as something risky just because they are not so familiar like UK trading platforms, for instance. Though, knowing that our team is entirely focused on giving you good guides and great tips to advance in trading, you should become aware that we strongly recommend you to test some Swiss Brokers. They are not just trustworthy and reliable – features we all look for in a Forex broker regardless its residence – but also quite attractive and beneficial, too. So to eliminate all of your concerns or doubts, we have decided to tell you some useful information devoted specifically to swiss brokers. Thus, you will finally dare to test your successful Forex trading strategy in Swiss Brokers, too!

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Specifications about Swiss Brokers

In this article we do not tend to focus your attention on specific Swiss Forex brokers. On the contrary, we will give you the chance to choose the best one for you on your own. And reading reviews about different swiss brokers, as a matter of fact, could help you a lot in your further selection. Before doing so, though, you must be wondering what specifications a traditional Swiss broker can have. We inform you that swiss brokers do not have anything so characteristic or specific about their platforms, customer services and etc. Of course keep in mind that there might be several Swiss Forex brokers, which, in general, provide customer support at their native and English languages. However, this does not mean that you cannot find a Swiss trading platform, where lots of multiple languages are available. Speaking of platforms, the Swiss brokers offer the same software types as the brokers you know up to now – WebTrader, for instance – but some of the brokers have their own Swiss-based software alternatives, which, by the way, are quite interesting and intuitive, as well.
Another specification you can take under consideration, on the other side, is the fact that swiss brokers establish their programs and bonuses in conduction to the national currency – the Swiss Franc. As you know, the Franc has a major influence on the entire world Forex trading market. So, the platforms for trading based in Swiss will be influenced, too. Just a hint to prove that for you – remember what happened in the beginning of the 2015 year, when the sudden Swiss Franc course has not only moved, but changed many aspects of the global market, at all.

What is The Regulation in Swiss Forex Brokers?

Certainly, the main difference between the Swiss Forex brokers and the rest of available brokers on the market is the regulation type. Of course, every single reliable and renewable platform for trading must be regulated in general. Otherwise, it is definitely a big risk for you to join it. And when it comes to Swiss market, be aware that its players do care about the strong and good regulation a lot. So speaking of this, it is important for you to know that Swiss Forex Brokers are really trustworthy since they provide not a single and not even a double (like in most European brokers), but triple regulation type. See more about it now:

  • Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority – The main regulation body on the Swiss Forex market is the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. Known by the abbreviation of SFMSA, the agency is a government body, which, though, acts independently by the government. The authority is in charge for the financial regulation, which means a strict supervision for stock exchanges, securities dealer, financial intermediaries, banks and insurance companies. The SFMSA is also in charge for giving and taking away official licenses and permissions for Forex trading. Meanwhile, the Swiss Forex market is the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority it has a power to solve disputes, charging with fines, giving administrative assistance to the brokers, dealing with more serious problems and etc.
  • Swiss PolyReg – This is a self-regulatory body for the Swiss Forex Brokers, which, though, is officially recognized by the SFMSA to accept several important and additional supervision functions. Both work in a collaboration, but the SFMSA has more possibilities to interfere the broker`s activity.
  • European Union – As a part of the European Union trading zone, Switzerland has accepted to follow the obligatory rules given by it. Depending on this, the Swiss Brokers are also additionally regulated by the measures given from the EU-based agencies that are in charge for the financial market supervision, too.

Do not miss to test the Swiss Forex Brokers. You will find many attractive things in them by all means!
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