netotrade forex broker reviewIn this NetoTrade review we will introduce you to an international foreign exchange broker which is perfect for FX newbies.  Also, in NeoTrade, after you make your first steps into trading, you will have the opportunity to trade with a bigger account with the lowest possible spreads and no other deductions from your deals.
The company is based in the United Kingdom and It can be truly categorized as a multifaceted investment organization. It is well known with the personal approach to all the new clients, especially if they are foreign exchange newbies. NetoTrade offers trading with a lot of currencies, stock indices, popular commodities. The moderate amount of trading options will keep you entertained and dedicated for a lot of time. Everything continues with trading conditions which will suit even pro traders. Based on the skill level and on the amount of money you will enroll, you can get an account of 4 different statuses. The spreads start at 3,3 pips for the lowest type of account and can reach 1,8 pips. No other commissions and deductions are applied. If you are an institution which strives for the perfect leverage/liquidity ratio, you can get a ECN account for instant trades with a spread as low as 0,3 pips. The leverage ratio is the standard 1:400, so you will be okay. The deposit and withdraw procedures work like in every other place and if you have the needed documentation and intelligence you will do both of them almost instantly.

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What bonuses Netotrade is offering

Yes, NetoTrade FX broker offers a bunch of bonuses for both the new clients of the service and the established players. The first bonus is given at the time of the initial deposit. You receive a good amount of cash on your first deposit, so you can afford to be more dynamic as a trader.  Your first steps will be guided by the top class support through the phone or an e-mail. You will get access to literally an unlimited amount of information about predicting some events, reading charts and statistical data and so on and so on. You will get access to a $50,000 demo trading account.
If you are an average investor and if you have the desire to invest at least a $2,500, you will have the chance for a personal and free consultation with a senior investment adviser and tutor. He will help you learn the tricks of analyzing and making vapor through the world news. Sounds like a deal, right?
For the established members of NetoTrade there is a perfect bonus program which will reward them even more. You can get a trading boost of a few hundred bucks for every friend you make join in the party. Based on their investment, you receive a different amount of money.

Which software platforms are used in NetoTrade?

NetoTrade offers three platforms which you can use to trade  based on your location and on the device you are going to use for your trading adventures. The first option that is suitable for all the on-the-goers and all the newbies in Forex is called NeoTrade WebTrade. This is a customized version of the Sirix Social Trading Platform. You can open this trading platform from any browser no matter of the place or the device you use. At work, at school or at the train? You will rock.  This platform is fully functional and offers every single addition you may need. Every price quoted there is real-time, this option is the most intuitive one and offers one click trading. You can initiate all types of orders. The favorite thing we use at the WebTrader is called social trading. When you open your platform and log in. You can take a look at the actions of some of the best traders and enthusiasts around the globe. At the right side of the window you can get a list with some top traders, also you can see what is their profit in %s and how many people follow them. Under this window, you can get  live information about all the positions opening and closing and the exact details of the deals. And the cherry on the top of the cake is that in the WebTrader you have an one-click access to the Calendar where you can get a lot of predictions and information about the rates. You should try using it, for sure!
The other platform you can use on your personal computer with the installation of a few files is called MetaTrader4. Even if you never threw an eye on trading, we are sure that there is a chance for you to know this name. This is the most popular trading platform known with its flexible functionalities, advanced features and highly customizable options. The advantages of trading FX with MetaTrader 4 are that you will get all the important news popping out on your screen. You can execute multiple orders while creating alerts and different signals about the things happening. MetaTrader 4 offers the widest range of statistics, charts, testing tools, indicators and so on. Through MT4 you get a lot of market analysis with high-quality which you can trust. The best thing you will find in NeoTrade’s MT4 is called Traders Compass. This is your own personal forex advisor. This is an app developed by real scientists which automatically analyzes your positions and all the real-time market intelligence. It warns you when you are ready to do something risky and it helps you to maximize the potential of your opened positions by optimizing them.
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Is NetoTrade the best forex broker for beginners?

Like we’ve mentioned above in this NeoTrade review, this broker offers all the basic trading tools and offers multiple ways for your educational desires. You can really rely on their materials to learn everything you need to know about Forex, but we will discuss this after a few minutes. The first thing we want you to know is that immediately after your registration, you will become a number 1 priority of NetoTrade’s staff. You may receive a personal call by an assistant which will introduce you to the company and help you with figuring the website. You may ask him everything you need to know. He will offer you additional learning materials. You will discuss your trading goals and what is the best way to start trading. He can get you in touch with a senior staff member which can trade simultaneously with you at the beginning so you can be sure you will not lose your money. NeoTrade’s trainers can help you with dealing with all the platforms and they can teach you a lot about the forex theory as well. We really loved the fact that after the registration, someone called us to ask whether we need help with something.
The next thing you would like if you are beginning in your trading journey is the site. This is the broker with the most easiest site to navigate into. The site has only the information you need to know about trading plus a lot of things that you will see nowhere else. There is a live rates panel where you can follow the bid and ask rates of the most popular commodities, stock indexes, currencies and individual companies’ stocks. The next thing is the education section which basically covers all the forex knowledge in only a few web links.
The first thing you will find at the “Learn” pages is an academy for trading. There you will have a few dozens of useful theory articles which cover everything for forex. You will get to know all the basic of trading while learning a few of the most advanced techniques in a easy to understand manner. You can follow a tutorial on how to read charts and off course there is a BIG section with all the basic terms you will ever meet in the world of trading. There is an easy access to a page full of video tutorials which will visually demonstrate everything you’ve assimilated so far. After that you can go through an Q&A page with the most frequently asked queries where you will see how much you already know. Last but not least, you will see a button which quotes “NetoTrade Webinar”. From time to time the company organizes its own webinar which will update your knowledge and all the new tendencies and off course will get your attention into new strategies and theories.

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What we can say in conclusion for the service of NetoTrade?

NetoTrade is a company based in the trading mecca of the United Kingdom. The service they deliver cannot be questioned even by the professional traders who make their living with forex. The instant deals which are not backed up by a trading desk and the deficiency of fees and taxes may attract. The 49 trading pairs and all the other CFD trading options will server you till the ends. By playing on forex through NetoTrade you are going to bea witness of the most transparent trading experience. The personal approach they take with every new customer will make you feel special and more accomplished as a trader. If you are looking for a place to start your career,NetoTrade is the place for this.