Hotspotfx reviewSome brokers are preferred, because they are generous with their bonus types, while others are just too popular and recommended by the experts. However, there are also Forex brokers, which are chosen by both – beginners and advanced traders – due to their big experience in the field and the strong reputation on the international financial market. If you prefer the third type of decent brokers, then our HotSpot FX review with definitely intrigue you, because it focuses your attention at one of the pioneers among the digital Forex trading activity.

Information About HotSpot FX History and Company

warning brokersHotspot FX is owned by a brokerage company that pioneered Forex trading in the digital world. Hotspot FX LLC is an entirely owned subsidiary of Hotspot FX Holdings, Inc, on the other side. The main offices of this Forex broker are located in Jersey City, New Jersey, as well as in Chicago, London, and Singapore as well. The company is claimed to be the most innovating one, while the broker, itself, is a typical ECN trading platform. The broker appeared on the market in 2000 with an official licence for operating in the Forex world and with solid support by the regulation approach from CFTC, NFA (US) and FCA (UK). Currently, the broker receives additional measures by European Union as to the personal data and financial transaction safety.

HotSpot FX Broker Highlights

HotSpot FX broker offers the audience real price competition with full depth of book display, overall array of order types, including FX algorithms, as well as multiple methods for access – including API, Hotspot FX GUI and leading third-party platform providers. The spreads are 1/10th pip, while the different currency pairs are over 60. Besides them, you can also take the benefits of other trading instruments like stocks and precious metals. Being a typical ECN broker, HotSpot FX does not allow scalping and hedging. Though, if you are a beginner, you can always test the demo account in case you need to check out if the system suits your personal trading needs and preferences. The only currency you can open an account with is USD and the minimum deposit is %1 000 000, which as you can see makes the broker quite suitable for advanced traders or beginners, who enjoy more risk in their Forex activity. Note that the maximum leverage on HotSpot FX platform is 100:1. Last, but not least, be aware that HotSpot FX does accept USA-based customers, too.

HotSpot FX Broker Customer Support Services

Currently, HotSpot FX does accept your questions, special requirements or inquires only via phone. Though, the good part here is that the website has provided different phone numbers for different continents. Meanwhile, the customer support representatives respond to your needs at multiple languages, so you can be 100% sure that you will solve your issue faultlessly, quickly and smoothly!

HotSpot FX Broker Bonus System

Since it is a 100% ECN broker, HotSpot FX platform does not offer any bonus types. This is a tendency that we usually see in ECN broker types and to tell you the truth, sometimes, it is a better one than in the case, where you are provided with numerous special promotions and zero security or good facilities. So when it comes to HotSpot FX, know that there is no bonus here at the expense of the cool trading environment, the safety level and the superb abundance of trading instrument you can take benefits of.

What Is the Trading Platform at HotSpot FX Broker?

We have reached the trading platform part of our HotSpot FX broker review. Be aware that this website is generated by FX Markets. Just like MetaTrader 4, this trading platform is very convenient and useful. Though, the FX Markets is mostly recommended for advanced traders. Note that this is software, which you need to download and then, to install. Last, but not least HotSpot FX has also a new modern mobile version that allows you to trade from any place and at any time via your favourite mobile device – tablet or smartphone.

What Are The Best Things About HotSpot FX Broker?

And now we finish our HotSpot FX review with a short list with the best things about this broker. Read them to know what you will receive in case you sign in here:

  • Deep liquidity
  • Big abundance of trading instruments
  • Reliable and safe trading environment
  • Cool and intuitive trading platform
  • Instant customer support via phone

Discover the highlights of HotSpot FX broker and do not forget to share your personal impressions by this trading platform with us, too! We wish you luck and great profits!

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