hotforex brokerDiving into the Forex online trading is a great challenge. It gives you the power to gain some extra outcome at any convenient place and time for you. Also, it develops your personal analyzing things without even taking you afar from your current career or job. On the other side, Forex world is now even more attractive due to the fact that it has gone online. This advancing stage that Forex market moved to made it possible for everyone of you to join it. It doesn’t matter where you live or how you live. What matters is to be good in online trading and fantastic in finances. Add to this the availability of a trustworthy and reliable Forex broker and you are ready to conquer the market. But to be sure that a Forex platform is ok, getting informed about it is quite essential. Today, we will present you such a review. It is devoted to the HotForex online trading platform.

Who is Hotforex and what they got to offer

HotForex makes great impression immediately right after you enter its official website. The interface looks very easy to be operated with. On the other side, the design is stylish, modern and clear – without those annoying ads, which can disturb from your main job – getting the best of today`s Forex world market. But we want to say something very important about the HotForex platform before we begin with the details on its website. HotForex has been rewarded with the Best Online Broker For Asia in 2012. This is enough to know that the website is both – safe and outstanding for your Forex market growth. The HotForex is registered and operated in Mauritius. It has a well-developed customer service in all the main popular world languages – English, German, Chinese, Arabic, Thai, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Farsi and Norwegian. But this isn’t all. The HotForex customer support is quite friendly and contemporary. Every client on the website can reach a customer support employee via all the following methods – live chat, e-mail, fax, phone call and skype talks. As to the safety, HotForex is completely risk-free for your Forex trading practice and for your money, too. The platform has been regulated since its establishment in 2009. Since then it is regulated by European Union rules, as well as by the Financial Services Commission. The work by these two official institutions is an enough guarantee you are at a really safe place. The HotForex account currencies you can use are USD and EUR, but save for the foreign currencies, you can also trade with commodities, stocks and precious metals. As a super customer-friendly ECN-type broker HotForex has a very little minimum deposit – 5 USD. On the other side, its spreads are the following: EUR/USD 0.8, GBP/USD 1.8 and USD/JPY 1. The maximum Forex leverage on the HotForex platform is 1000:1, while the minimum trade size here is 1000. HotForex offers hedging for a more successful trading experience, demo account to test it for free and special Islamic accounts. No traders from USA are allowed.
hotforex bonus for traders

HotForex Broker Software Information

As one of the leading Forex brokers across the entire world, HotForex is powered with one of the most preferred and used software types. The website has a MetaTrader 4 software. It is very familiar for those of you, who aren’t new on the market. For those, who are new traders, though, we can ensure you that this software is really customer-friendly and easy for navigation. On the other side, we should mention that HotForex is entirely very welcoming for newcomers. It provides them a great environment for their start on the Forex market, as well as great pack of tutorials and lectures for learning the basic rules and skills in Forex world.

HotForex Broker Bonus Types and System

We have already mentioned you about the bonuses. And this is completely logical. Today, every single Forex website offers a large variety of bonuses that are main features a customer look for before signing up on the system. Well, HotForex has really a lot to show and offer, too. The bonus system of the HotForex is mainly oriented to the new traders. This is a practice that almost each Forex platform uses. The HotForex best bonus is the Welcome bonus. It is not just a welcome bonus, but a No Deposit Bonus. HotForex gives you 30 USD for all newcomers on their websites. You need not to have an account and sign up – there`s no other condition. With this bonus you can easily estimate whether this Forex platform fits your personal requirements and preferences. The Super/Charged Bonus is 100% and it is given to every deposit over 250 USD you make. The Rescue Bonus is 30%. As you can guess by its name, it is given to rescue you from lack of money. So if you cannot give a lot, deposit less – over 50 USD – and you will be added 30% more. Last, but not least the Credit Bonus – 100% – is applied as a withdrawal when the volume requirements are made.

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Why choosing the HotForex Broker?

If all of these weren’t enough for you to make up your mind, we present you the list of the biggest benefits that the HotForex platform hides. Check them out right away:

  • Availability of possibility with small amounts of money
  • Devoted and friendly customer support in multiple languages
  • Attractive Bonus system with up to 2 bonus types in difference to the rest Forex platforms online
  • High leverages
  • Big abundance of trading instruments thanks to the contemporary and most preferred online software for trading – MetaTrader 4
  • One of the least minimum deposits ever – only 5 USD
  • Lowest spreads

And now it is your turn to tell your personal impressions from the HotForex Broker. Register, trade and let us know what you think about it!
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