easy forex reviewEasy Forex is one of the brokers created by real bankers and forex experts. They are on the forex market for near 11 years – from 2003. The main philosophy behind the company is to be openly accessible by all types of traders, easy for beginners, functional for advanced players. The liquidity of the funds is guaranteed by banks in Scotland and Switzerland, so your money are safe there, for sure. Easy Forex is based in Cyprus, but still their offices, support centers and Forex trading rooms are all over the world.  The company is one of the pioneers in this niche – this is the first broker who offered no-download trading.
The platform is available in a lot of languages and some of them are really exotic. Since its start, Easy Forex uses the TradeDesk platform which is solely developed by the company. This is something highly unusual, but we will discuss it later.
If we have to be more descriptive for our experience with them, we can say that Easy-Forex is one of the most sedate brokers out there. I was completely charmed by all the mechanisms they use. The steady self-developed platform, good mobile apps, real support and off course reliability. Yes, we are ready to use them no matter of the funds we have. We are ready to invest a lot of money, as well we are ready to start there as beginners, too.

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Like we’ve mentioned above, this broker suits everyone – from the beginners to the pro FX traders. There are really a lot of account levels and the thing we like is the possibility to create a mini account. That is something for the real newbies. You can deposit as low as $25, yes, 25 bucks, that’s awesome. Also you can choose your account based on the leverage you want to use. It starts from 100:1 and it goes up to 500:1 which is more than enough. You will love the possibility to trade with FX, Gold, Silver and a lot of commodities of your like. When we combine all this flexibility with something we like a lot here, you will end with one of the best deals out there. The company is really adaptive to your deposit and withdrawal needs. If you use a credit card, you can get your money on the trade instantly – no waiting periods. This is something, that is a big negative for some of the other brokers.

Bonuses on offer from Easy Forex

If you are the type of person who likes to trade with his funds to the maximum, that is your place. At the moment when this review is written, there are three major promotions at easy forex. The bonuses are the best thing for your start, because they are covering some of your losses and off course are giving you more money for your trades. The first deal is a typical deposit bonus of 20% up to $2,000. That is really a good boost and If you combine it with the training, the information for the markets, all the trading possibilities and the unique platform, you will have a good time at Easy Forex. The second deal is solely for the starters. If you manage to win after depositing some cash, you will be doubled up. If you lose your money, you will get $200 back. This is valid for all the FX pairs, commodities, binary options and so on.  The third option is more for the passive players who don’t rush. For the people who want to catch the right moment at the binary options. Your first $300 dollars are free from any risk.

What trading options you can rely on at Easy Forex broker?

This is the other thing we love about this broker. This is the most complete broker when it comes to trading options. For the forex currency pairs, I can say that they are enough – 40 pairs. You get the most popular ones plus some of the more exotic currencies. 20 of these currencies are available for binary options trading. The spreads are fixed or floatable, but still in a very tight interval, so you can calmly trade while knowing how much it will cost you. You can trade with the five most popular and attractive metals on highly competitive prices. The other good thing is that you have a wide range of commodities for trading – oil or gas? It doesn’t matter whenl you can get them all plus a lot of opportunities by trading agricultural commodities – I really like to play around with coffee and cocoa. All major stock indexes are on your disposal.
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Which trading software you can use?

Like we said above, Easy Forex is the first company which offers web-based trading without the need for downloading any software. As well you can use the most popular MT 4 platform which is used for 85% of the deals. We are in love with the full support for mobile devices, because almost every week we trade on the go, from phones and laptops. Even in the most basic set ups you can rely on real-time updates and detailed logs. They are useful for analyzing your behavior. There are a lot of charting tools complimented by economic intel, tools for analysis and of course, you can read all the important news by Reuters as well as a lot of financial analyses and things like that.
The most suitable platform which offers all types of tools for trading is on the web site. The iPhone app also supports all the tools, while the other platforms are limited to all the currencies + Oil and some precious metals. If you are a traditional trader or a real advanced one, you will definitely like the MT4 platform, but we prefer something different. Something which we can tailor for all our needs with the possibility to get rid of everything we don’t need and use. This is all possible through the TradeDesk platform. This the most personal platform for trading on the planet. Everything in Trade Desk is divided into panels which we call apps. You choose which apps you will use and which you will not. The best part is that you can connect all the tiles of the puzzle in any way that comforts you. If you are a more dynamic trader, you can set up different layouts for the different styles you adapt as well you can develop layouts for every strategy you use or a scenario you think will happen. The most flexible trading platform is here.
If you are not sure about the platform you should use, you can find the biggest platform comparison table at the Easy Forex website.

Final thoughts on Easy Forex

Average, this is one of our favorite brokers which we use on a regular basis. The personality of trading combined with the security of one of the biggest trading platforms make us concentrate only on the trading itself. The 10+ years on the market are a proof of their deeds. For ten years a lot of crises happened while a lot of bankruptcies happened too. The company offers a lot of advanced mechanisms which are not used anywhere. This company is regulated in a few EU countries as well as in countries outside Europe.

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We can honestly say that this is the most unusual forex broker in the world. You will never encounter an experience like that. Their website is as intuitive as possible offering all the information you may need some day. The transparency of the way they work makes you trust them more and more with every day. Like its name, Easy Forex, you can expect an easy and straight trading that you’ll love. You should definitely trade with Easy Forex.