deltastock reviewThere`s no need to register in numerous websites to find the best one in the end. Instead, you can always rely on us, when it comes to a decent Forex broker selection. All you need to do is to read our detailed and quite useful reviews. As you know very well, each of these reviews is especially devoted to a particular foreign currency exchange platform. Once you read such a review, you can easily make up your mind whether the particular broker is ok for you. And today, we want to present you one more review – the Deltastock review.

Deltastock Overview and Specifications to Consider

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As the tradition goes, we begin our helpful Deltastock review with some interesting and important background history information about this broker. Deltastock was established back in the end of 20th century. The year was 1998 and the place was Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria – where the main headquarters and offices that support the company are still placed. Deltastock is a completely regulated broker, even though it is not controlled by the main regulation agencies you know from the UK-based brokers, for instance. Instead, the official license and the personal data, as well as the financial transactions, protections come from the official national financial body in Bulgaria – The Bulgarian National Bank or in short, BNB. Meanwhile, the additional EU-based double regulation refers to Deltastock broker, as well. The broker is a typical Market Maker and it has several account currencies you can trade with – GBP, BGN, EUR, USD, CHF and RON. The minimum initial deposit for opening an account on the Deltastock platform is $100 , which is a normal sum for a start, if you are a beginner in trading yet. The spreads on the Deltastock Forex broker is 1 for EUR/USD, 2 – for GBP/USD and 3 – for USD/JPY. Scalping and hedging are allowed at the Deltastock platform and if you are a citizen from an Islamic country, you can also make an Islamic Account. Traders from USA, though, are not allowed.
Withdrawals and deposits are available via the following payment methods: credit or debit card, Skrill Moneybooker and bank wire transfer. You can also try the automated and the one-click trading options on the Deltastock website. Whatever is difficult to understand or do on the Deltastock platform can be requested as an inquiry thanks to the perfect customer support services that this Forex broker offers. The customer support representatives are entirely located in Bulgaria and they respond to you at multiple languages – Bulgarian, English, German, Russian, Spanish, French and Romanian. You can use these communication methods: live chat, email and phone calls.

Deltastock Forex Bonus System and Types

Since it has been on the market for such a long time, Deltastock broker is now reputable and reliable enough to offer you bonuses, too. The bonus system of this platform is interesting enough, so you should definitely take a look at its bonus types.

  • Welcome deposit bonus – The common welcome bonus is available on Deltastock and according to it you can earn up to 10% of your initial investment. You can trade your bonus for 30 days and withdraw the funds made with it with no other special fees or conditions.
  • Cashbak bonus – Deltastock cashback bonus has appeared for the first time during the 15th birthday of the website. The bonus is 15% and it gives you up to €10 000 for each next deposit you make. Also, you receive €1 for every €20 000 traded!
  • Skrill Bonus – If you prefer the Skrill Monyebookers payment method, you receive one extra bonus from the Deltastock Forex broker. You can win up to 20% of your initial deposit and win 1 € for every €20 000 you have traded.
  • Refer a friend – Refer a friend to the Deltastock Forex platform and participate in the refer a friend program. It allows you to get some extra cash and bonus for each next referred customer to the website!
  • Demo account – As a bonus, the demo account allows you to test the Deltastock Forex website without investing anything, but trading with all the available tradable instruments – stocks, commodities, precious metals, futures and foreign currencies, of course. Note that there are no real winnings or losses with the Deltastock Forex demo account!

Deltastock Forex Software Information

Deltastock Forex broker gives you a chance to choose from 2 alternatives, when it comes to the platform you will lose. You can either get the MetaTrader 4 option, which, as you know, is top rated software for foreign currency exchange trading, as well as quite intuitive and interesting with its numerous options, or the Delta Trading – the official trading software, personally made for Deltastock Forex Company!

Why Choosing Deltastock Forex Broker?

Last, but not least, check out all the significant pros that the Deltastock Forex platform comes with. Here it is the full list:

  • Intuitive and easy to be used Forex platforms
  • Remarkable customer support services
  • Large abundance of bonus types
  • Numerous tradable instruments and special trading options
  • Good reputation

Our Verdict is that the broker is reliable and trusted and you can trade there without any issues.