Providing you superb chances for fast, risk-low and intriguing ways of earning money on the financial market, the binary options are classical tools on the online trading platforms these days. They have become the top priorities for the new brokers, when they get out as new additions on the market and they are the most acclaimed addition in brokers, who have pointed as the most reliable ones. The large abundance of binary options trading systems has made it quite complex and not easy at all to choose the most trustworthy and attractive one. However, the internet is today quite generous with lots of reviews for each binary options trading broker. Today, we are about to give you some important information about the Bank-de-binary broker.

Some initial intro for Bank de Binary

Bank-de-binary is comparatively a new binary options broker. Though, it is described as one of the most exciting, overwhelming and intriguing one on the market these days. And even more – the Bank de binary web site is usually preferred from the novices, who are non-informed freshmen that need more intuitive interface and more explanations about the game its winning strategies. The Bank de binary has been established in 2009 year and though this time it has acclaimed almost 120 different tradable assets. These aren’t all, though, because the Bank-de-binary platform is mostly well-known for its 90% of the payout.

Bank de binary Bonus System and Types

Banc de Binary binary options brokerBeing welcomed on its trading platform, the kind and reliable customer support team of the Bank de binary web site will reward you with a welcome bonus. This is the most well-known bonuses on the binary options trading platforms and it does represent its main features here, too. The bonus is calculated according to the first initial deposit you make. The minimum deposit you can invest to start trading on Bank de binary is 250 USD. The welcome bonus, meanwhile, is 50%. This means that if you are beginner in binary options and you just want to try this particular trading platform, you will invest the minimum amount of 250 and the Bank-de-binary web site will automatically reward you by putting 375 USD in your account. This bonus, though, has its policy and according to it no customer is allowed to apply for a withdrawal till he makes trading actions that are almost 20 times more than his initial deposit. Trader will also earn 2.5% interest of your unused funds in your trading account. The senior account manager bonus is offered to only some certain financial events, while the re-deposit bonus is available for everyone, when you deposit frequently and periodically. You will also have a chance on the refer-a-friend program that provides you some extra money for trading if you invite another person to trade on Bank-de-binary. Last, but not least, when you become a real pro on the web site, you can become a VIP client and apply for a Rebate bonus for VIP client, which is based on % of the account holder`s trading amount.

Bank de binary Software Information

Being for so long on the trading market, the Bank-de-binary has now more knowledge about the most important things on a trading platform. Of course, one of them is the software. Once the team behind the Bank de binary has realized this, it has made a decision to update the web site software, too. Today, Bank de binary trading broker operates with the well-known and finely appreciated SpotOption trading platform – version 2.0. – in order to give the most intuitive and easy to be understood interface for the customers across the whole world. As a matter of fact, the change of the online software has made the Bank-de-binary team to add some more available languages for the customer support – Arabic, Cantonese and Mandarin to the popular English, Spanish and Japanese. Both factors have put the Bank-de-binary on the top of the easiest binary options platforms on the global market.

Why choosing Bank de binary?

There are lots of benefits we can point you out in order to convince you that Bank-de-binary is a really top online trading platform. Meanwhile, some of the strong points that the Bank-de-binary brokers offers have made the web site to become the most attractive opportunity for binary options online trading experience.

  • Bank de binary offers a variety of currency for making deposits – USD, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Euro and many more.
  • On the other side, even though it is not regulated by any official institutions, the Bank de binary web site has comparatively the same amount of players as any other officially legalized binary option trading platform.
  • The Bank de binary offers up to 500% payout and it has a marvelous range of platforms for both – new comers, who are just beginners on the binary options online market, and the senior traders.
  • One Touch Weekend trading permit traders to trade their favorite assets 24/7.
  • Here, with the Bank de binary broker you can put the entire binary options experience in your own control. Thus, you are the one, who can personally customize the expiry time, as well as the risk or the reward returns in order to create your own style of trading with binary options on internet.

As a conclusion, let us a chance to say few words about the Bank-de-binary online platform for binary options trading, too! The web site is well-known for its welcoming environment that hasn’t disappointed almost anyone, who has entered it. It is also a real pro, when it comes to a company that devotes its entire practice mostly to binary options trading. Meanwhile, the Bank-de-binary broker is quite exceptional and more in the thread of the Forex brokers than the Binary Options brokers. So, if you want something more different and advanced – the Bank-de-binary is your best chance to get them!
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